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Hip Hop Video Director and Choreography Director for Music Videos – Ray Kay Is the Right Name

Whether you are looking for famous choreography director music videos or searching or hip hop video directors, you will find a number of renowned directors and names who have given new dimensions to this industry. However, the common thing is that everyone want to have direction from the top directors who have proven track record of working with top celebrities and for big brands.


If you are looking for one such director, you will find some big names online. You have to choose the right one that is ideal and convenient for you.


Online search is the best mode that will take you to some of the best and more popular names. You have to choose the right one that is ideal for you, go through the details and contact as per your requirement.

Among some of the top and famous names, you will find name of Ray Kay on the top. Name is enough to give you assurance that you are going to make your video in the director of top and reputed hip hop video director or choreography director for music videos.


Ray Kay has become one of the best and most reliable director ad photographer based in Los Angeles and Miami from where has worked with a number of big celebrities that include Britney, Beyonce, Bieber, Gaga. He has worked for a number of reputed companies like Pepsi, Mango, Apple and many others. It may surprise you, but it is a fact. Ray Kay is one of the most popular directors of music videos with 5 billion YouTube views while his video for Justin Bieber’s Baby was the most viewed video on Internet for many years with more than 1.5 billion views. Ray is also a successful fashion, advertising and artist photographer who have captured the best photographs for big celebrities.


Making your hip hop video more and more popular and direct them in the most impressive way is important. If you are looking for such video directing services, you have to give a call or send a mail and leave rest of the work on experts working with Ray Kay.

Source: http://www.raykay.com/pop-video-gallery