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Ray Kay – the Top Music Video Director in Hollywood

Now, you search for famous music video director in Hollywood ends here at RayKay.com. Being an award-winning and reputed music video director in Hollywood, Ray Kay is a famous photographer too based in Los Angeles and Miami where he has performed well for celebrities and famous brands like Gaga, Bieber, Beyonce, Britney, Pepsi, Mango, Apple and a lot more. He is one of the most popular directors of music videos with surprisingly increasing graph of view and fans that has crossed the sum of 5 billion YouTube views. ‘Baby’ from Justin Bieber is his video most viewed video ever on internet for many years with over 1.5 billion views. Not to mention his popularity as a successful fashion, advertising and artist photographer.

His work is incomparable and wonderful that is much appreciated and loved by those who have seen his videos. He is one of the best music video directors in America, who has won numerous awards that include MTV Awards.


Ray Kay has worked with all the top stars of music world like Diddy, Enrique Iglesias, Steven Tyler, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Cher, Cheryl Cole, Willow Smith and many others.


If you are looking for the most successful photographer for shooting fashion, swimwear, editorials, advertising and musicians, you will have better options of fulfilling your desire. His next journey is into mixed media art.


Video shooting and photography done by him is wonderful and truly ideal to give your identity a new name. For models and those who are in the beginning phase and want to become the icon of cover page of magazines and in the musical industry or want to make advertising more and more impressive, Ray Kay fulfils their desire as the top music video director in Hollywood.

Source: http://www.raykay.com